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Carpet/Premium Pad - Entry Level
Carpet/Premium Pad - Mid-grade
Carpet/Premium Pad - High End
Carpet/Premium Pad - Stairs Only(No Rails)
Carpet/Premium Pad - Stairs Only(With Rails)
Laminate - 12mm
Laminate - 15mm
Hardwood - Import
Hardwood - Domestic
Hardwood - Exotic
Vinyl Planks - Click system
Vinyl Tiles - Click system
Carpet/Pad Removal
Laminate Removal
Vinyl Sheet/Tiles Removal
Ceramic Tiles Removal
Carpet Baseboard - 4"
MDF Baseboard - 4"
1/4 round
Moving Furniture
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Flooring estimate has many variables. This great utility was designed as a general guideline to calculate an approximate cost when budgeting for your flooring project.

Accurate pricing will be provided onsite upon proper measurements and style/material selection.
This calculator works more accurately with projects that are greater than 350 sq ft.  Prices do change regularly to reflect market prices.

" Calculate a ball park figure for your flooring project."

All Prices provided include the supply and installation.